Take away Now Available

Collection available  Thursday,Friday & Saturday 12:00-20:00

Delivery 17:00-20:00 

£2.50 Delivery charge, card payments only subject to availability 

Sunday Collection only 12:00-18:00​​


​The buck Inn

BBQ or Hot or Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings £4.95
Salt & Pepper or BBQ Ribs £4.95
Jerk Chicken Strips  (G) £4.75
Cod Goujons  £4.25
Salt & Pepper Prawns  £4.75
Creamy Garlic Mushrooms (V) £4.75
Fully Loaded Nacho’s Sharer 
Beef Chilli, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Jalapenos & Cheese £8.95


Pub Classics
Scampi & Chips Served With Tartar Sauce £9.95
Fish & Chips served with Tartar Sauce £9.95
Chilli Con Carne served with Basmati Rice & Sour Cream £9.75
Sausage & Mash Cumberland Sausage served with Mash Potato & Onion Gravy £8.75
Ultimate Chicken Boneless Chicken topped with Bacon, Melted Cheese & BBQ Sauce served with Chips £10.95

Spicy Sausage & Chicken
Onion Rings & Corn on the Cob Served with Chips £12.99

Beef Lasagne served with Chips  £10.50
Spaghetti Bolognaise with Grated Parmesan Cheese £9.50

Steak & Ale Pie
Slow Braised Beef & Ale with Seasonal Vegetables & Chips £11.95
Mushroom Chilli & Spinach Linguine cooked with Garlic & White Wine £8.95
Chicken & Mushroom Cooked in a White Wine Sauce served with Chips £11.25
Cajun Chicken Boneless Chicken Breast seasoned with Cajun Spice served with Chips £10.95

BBQ Ribs & Chips £11.25
BBQ Ribs & Scampi with Chips £14.95
BBQ Ribs & Chicken Wings with Chips£15.85

8oz Gammon Steak with Egg & Chips  £10.50

All Pizzas are 14''

Vegetarian £9.50
Spinach, Peppers,Mushroom,Mozzarella & Tomato 
Goats Cheese £9.50
Goat’s Cheese, Caramelised Onion & Rocket 
Festive £10.25
Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry 

Jerk Chicken £12.99

Grilled Jerk Chicken, Peppers, Onions & Cheese

Meat Feast £13.99

Roast Beef, Chicken, Turkey,Bacon, Onions & Peppers

BBQ Chicken £11.99

Chicken,Bacon,Onions, Mushrooms & BBQ Sauce 

Beef Burger £9.95
Cheese Burger £10.25
Spicy Jerk Chicken Burger £9.25
Vegetarian Burger £8.50

Festive Burger
Turkey & Beef Cheese Burger  £10.95
Cajun Chicken Burger £8.95
SFC Burger £9.75
Mexican Burger £10.50
All Served with Tomato, Lettuce, Gherkins, Chips & Onion Rings
Double up for £2.50


Taste of The Caribbean
All served with Choice of Chips or Basmati Rice or Rice & Peas

West Indian Chicken Curry 

Succulent Chicken cooked in West Indian Spices £9.95
Jerk Chicken 

Jamaican Spicy Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast £9.75
Jerk Pork

 Jamaican Spicy Grilled Belly of Pork £10.25
Baked Pork 

Caribbean Style Belly of Pork with Chilli & Onions £11.25
Banana & Chicken Curry 

Rich Creamy Chicken Curry with Fresh Banana & Chillies £10.95
Coconut Prawns 

King Prawns Cooked in a Tomato & Coconut Sauce with Vegetables £12.25
West Indian Curry Goa

Succulent Boneless Goat cooked in West Indian Spices £10.95
Grilled Chicken 

Grilled Chicken Breast served with Pineapple & Mango Salsa £11.50
Tobago Fried Fish

 Lightly Battered Cod seasoned with Herbs & served with Coleslaw £9.50
Trini Prawn Curry 

King Prawns cooked with Traditional Trinidad & Tobago Spices £11.95
Caribbean Veg Curry

Vegetable seasoned with Authentic Caribbean Spices £8.50                                                                                      
Shallow Fry Salmon

 Fillet of Salmon served with a Coconut Curry £10.95 
Barbados Blackened Fish 

West Indian Spiced Cod served with a Pineapple Creole Sauce £10.75
Creamy Peppered Shrimp

 King Prawns cooked in Black Cracked Pepper & Saffron Cream £11.25
Beef Pepper Pot 

Slow Cooked Beef Marinated with Garlic, Onion & Peppers £10.25
Beef Curry

 Diced Beef Seasoned with Caribbean Curry, Coriander & Onions £10.50

Kids Menu All £4.99
All served with Chips
Chicken Nuggets
Fish Goujons


Side Orders & Steak Sauces
Garlic Bread £2.25
Cheesy Garlic Bread  £3.95
Vegetables £1.95
Onion Rings £2.25
Chips £2.25
Rice & Peas £2.50
Rice £2.00
Chilli Cheese Chips £4.75
Cheesy Truffle Chips £3.75
Peppercorn Sauce £2.50
Blue Cheese Sauce £2.50
Mushroom Sauce £2.50
Garlic & Herb Butter £2.50


4layer Chocolate Cake £4.25

Please ask what other desserts we have available